About the VTC

What is a VTC ?

VTC stands for Virtual Trucking Company. These are fictitious companies, some based on a real life counterpart, to be used in conjuntion with a game - in this case Euro Truck Simulator 2. 

Mod[ification]s are used to add paintjobs, custom companies, truck, trailer and accessories into the game to give a heightened sense of realism and immersion. These are all incredibly easy to install and 100% safe. 

What do I do ?

Firstly you need to fill out an Application Form. Once this has been done and your application has been accepted, you will be contacted with instructions on how to install and activate the mods required. 

Once you have done this, you are ready to head onto the open road. If you don't use the plugin supplied by VTMLive, simply complete jobs and make a note of them. When you have completed your day's work, log in to your driver's profile and record your deliveries.

If you do use the plugin, it will record information automatically so all you need to do is drive - It is as simple as that.

Will I be paid ?

Sadly, this is not a real company and only for role-playing purposes so real money will not be paid. Your drivers account will store your deliveries and your account will show 'payment', simply for terms of realism. 

How many deliveries must I complete?

This is a role-playing company and it is understandable that you have other commitments in life, whether that be work or study. There is no obligation to reach any quota, simply jump into the drivers seat as and when you feel like it. This is nothing more than a hobby and though we strive for realism, that doesn't mean we apply and level of strictness in terms of your deliveries.

That being said, there will be account deactivation if there has been no recorded activity for over a year - but we will inform you in advance if we suspect your account to be inactive. 

What do I need to be able to join ?

The only requirement is that you have a legal copy of Euro Truck Simulator 2. We will provide you with the relevant resources for the game which works with the base content and other modifications. 

We are more than happy for you to use modded trucks, trailers and map mods such as Promods and will endeavour to provide compatible content for your favourite mods. 

Work is under way to provide paint jobs for all base trucks and suitable trailers, as well as the most popular mods. Should you have a modded truck, it is asked that you state this in the Application Form so that we can try and provide a paintjob for you and avoid disappointment. 

What if I work for another VTC / decide to leave ?

You are not under any obligation to stay at JET, and you are more than welcome to work for another VTC too. Ultimately, playing E.T.S. 2 is your hobby and so you should enjoy it as you see fit.

If you decide to leave and find you want to come back, our door is always open to you. 

The only thing we ask of you is to not share the content we give to you.

Information About The VTC

Jacob's Express Transport uses Virtual Trucking Manager to manage the Company and employees. The Application Form page links directly to the VTM Application Page for the Company.  Successful applicants to JET will be then able to record their deliveries using this software.