Next Generation SCANIA S650

Jacob's Express Transport have a fleet of the highest standard trucks, each built to specification ranging from 15-26 tonne rigid vehicles for inner city distribution to articulated trucks and drawbar combinations, able to carry up to 44 tonnes, for longer distance transport.

Highest Standards

Whether it be our inner city or our long distance vehicles, no expense is spared when it comes to our fleet. This serves many purposes - helping to maximise our efficiency, customer satisfaction and company image.

One concise example of this would be that each truck is fitted with Alcoa alloys from the factory. These  educe the tare weight of the vehicle, saving fuel and increasing the maximum pay load, as well as improving the aesthetic of the vehicle. 

Our biggest advertisement is our vehicles, and we take pride in having a clean and well maintained fleet. At each of our sites we have Drenbeck truck washes, using NanoPro vehicle soaps, helping the driver to maintain the cleanliness of their vehicle. 

Putting Our Drivers First

With our customer base stretching from Norway to Spain, our team of drivers may have to spend up to two weeks in their trucks at a time. That is why we ensure that they are consulted when we order a new truck, and the specification of the interior is to their choosing. 

These trucks are their home away from home and so we want to make sure that they are as comfortable as they can be whilst on the road. From microwave ovens to sound systems, each detail is though of, to provide a relaxing environment at the end of the working day. 

After all - a happy and well rested driver is a safe driver.

Reducing Downtime

Each vehicle is covered by their respective manufacturers' European breakdown service so that, in the unfortunate event a problem does occur, it can be resolved in the least time possible. 

We also have a team of qualified on-site mechanics working at 6 sites across Europe who can also provide roadside assistance should it be required. 

A Matter of Security

Our trucks are fitted with LeadLock additional cab and cargo locking systems for the safety of the driver, as well as panic buttons in the event of an emergency. We also fit EyeSmart tracking systems which monitor the vehicles movements and the temperature of the load 24 hours a day. These can also link into the security systems in place on the rear vehicle or trailer doors, alerting us and the driver to any unauthorised access which is vital in modern times where human trafficking is on the increase.