A trailer and semi-trailer loaded at EuroAcres

Jacob's Express Transport use a range of refrigerated trailers and semi trailers, equipped to cater for the customer's requirements. 

Multiple Temperature Solutions

Many of our trailers have multiple compartments and twin evaporators, capable of temperatures ranging from -30ºc to +29ºc. 

This means that these trailers are able to carry different products that each need seperate temperature control. For example, a semi-trailer with a 3 compartments can carry frozen, chilled and ambient products all at once. 

Hanging Product

Our business was founded on transporting fresh meat from the local British Beef Processors abattoir to butchers and market stalls in the local area. Although some of this was palletised, the majority was hanging product. 

Today, we still offer transport solutions for this, with 20 trailers capable of carrying hanging meats, utilising both standard and European rail setups. 

Quality Control

Utilising the same system our trucks use, our trailers are installed with the SmartEye monitoring and security systems. 

This allows us to keep track of the temperatures inside the trailer 24 hours a day, as well as remote override if necessary, which ensures that products we carry reach the customer in the right condition every time. 

Tackling the City

Not only do our trucks drive long distances across Europe, they also deliver into city centres. These are often street-side deliveries which don't have forklift access or utilise a loading bay.

A selection of our fleet are fitted with both side-opening refrigerated bodies and under-chassis tail lifts making deliveries in these difficult and often hazardous environments as safe and easy as possible.