Our Services

International Refrigerated Transport

The main service we offer is refrigerated transport across the UK and Europe. From as far north as Norway right down to Spain and everywhere in between, our customers rely on JET to deliver their products. 

Cold Storage

We offer cold storage solutions at 4 sites across Europe, with a combined total of 150,000 pallet spaces. This also serves for transhipment and consolidation, providing a safe environment for load management. 

Our stores utilise state of the art monitoring systems, giving our clients the confidence that their product is kept at the required temperatures and with  our intelligent pallet tracking, the location of each and every pallet can be seen around the clock.

Multi-temp Deliveries

We can provide multi-temperature transport, meaning that one trailer can carry good set at three separate temperatures. With our drawbar solutions, a total of 32 pallets can be transported, with both the truck and trailer being able to support two temperatures. 

This can be vital for supermarket deliveries, where fresh and frozen food are needed to be transported simultaneously, with the option of storing ambient good too or more delicate cargoes such as flowers and plants.